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Free Mascot Cartoon Logo Design

Free Mascot Cartoon Logo Design Service

Free logo design service? Are you kidding? Not at all. It’s free, absolutely free. Tons of blog posts, articles, websites, tweets, and infographics are always reminding company and business owners not to request free design work online, as well as telling designers not to do free work. Do a simple Google search and you’ll find lots of posts discussing this matter.

So, why am I still offering free work? One reason is that logo design is just a professional hobby of mine, and I just love creating all these cute lovely mascot cartoon characters. The other reason, to be honest, free work increases the popularity of my website and gallery, which I definitely love to see that happen.

Tired of other so-called free logos that come out like stolen clip-art or a kindergarten logo? You've come to the right place. Of course, there ain't no such thing as a free lunch – you should mind the following FAQs about my free cartoon designs.

How can I get a free mascot cartoon logo design from you?
Simply send me a message about the details of your desired logo through this contact form. I’ll follow up with an email. However, I do not guarantee that I’ll be able to design your expected logo.

Will you customize and revise the free logo concepts?
No. I’ll release the free logo design to the public on my website once it’s completed.

How will you release the logo design?
It’ll be included in the gallery on my website, with links to download the PNG and vector files. It’s better for you to like my Facebook page and Twitter to keep updated.

Where can I find the free logo designs you’ve released before, without searching through the gallery one by one?
You can find them all here.

Will I receive full copyrights to the logo design?
No. Mascot Logo Captain reserves full copyrights of the distributed cartoon mascot logo designs. They will be distributed through a non-exclusive free for personal and commercial use license for downloading. You need to give appropriate credits when you use it. In short, they’re non-exclusive template logos.

Will I be able to trademark the free logo design template?
No, as Mascot Logo Captain reserves full copyrights, and it is distributed via a non-exclusive license.

Can I take the free logo template for other uses?
Of course, but the uses shall comply with the license provided. I’d just name a few examples here. You can use it as the logo for your profitable personal blog. You can insert it as a clip-art in your company flyers. You can print the logo design at a local T-shirt printing company. You cannot take the logo as is for resources of your own website without crediting. You cannot use the logo in any way for print-on-demand services like Zazzle or CafePress, as the license is non-sublicensable. You cannot sell the logo template on sites like GraphicRiver, as the license is non-resellable with me reserving the full copyrights. For any unsure uses, please contact me.

What if I want a custom logo design with full copyrights for free?
Ergh…... Sigh…… Are you expecting an MS Paint Logo or a stolen one? ;)

What if I want a custom logo design with full copyrights, which I’ll pay for?
That’s much more reasonable. You could still request it through the contact form. If successfully created, the logo design will be put on LogoGround for sale, instead of being released to the public for free. You could purchase with exclusive rights via LogoGround.

I have some enquiries which aren’t listed here or elsewhere on your website. Where can I ask you about them?
Again, through the contact form.