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Who is Mascot Logo Captain?
Mascot Logo Captain is an individual designer who sells his cool and creative mascot logos and cartoon logos at the reliable marketplace LogoGround.

Where can I see your logos at LogoGround?
You're welcome to take a look at my profile page at LogoGround.

How much does each logo design cost?
Each one varies, but generally the price ranges from US$100 to US$300, depending on the complexity and the time and efforts behind each logo design. The price comes with EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS as well as colour and font customization, which is reasonable, affordable and competitive compared with other logo firms. You're free to compare the quality and price of my designs with other designers or companies.

I see a logo I like. How does it work? How can I purchase?
Check out this help page and FAQ.

Why should I purchase a mascot logo or cartoon logo?
It's very personal. You do what you like to do. But generally a mascot logo or cartoon logo takes time and efforts to design and is a unique symbol and personality of your business, company or organization.

I write blog posts and collect beautiful logos. Can I use your logo image for display?
Yes, provided that you give credit links to this site, and the LogoGround page where the logo is being sold.

Can I steal your logos for my clients or company? 
All rights of the logos are reserved by Mascot Logo Captain (Mascot Logos @ LogoGround). LogoGround and I will definitely hunt you down unless you have my permission to use the logos for certain purposes, or you have purchased the logos. Remember, you can't escape from a Captain!

Can you make a custom mascot cartoon logo for me?
Yes, but not directly. You could send me a request here so I can consider designing one and putting it at LogoGround for sale. I'll notice you so you can buy it. Free drafting - no upfront fees, no deposit.

Can you make a free mascot cartoon logo design for me?
Please refer to the dedicated page about my free mascot cartoon logo design service. For charitable organizations, you could contact me directly. For irregular free exclusive pre-made mascot logo giveaways, stay tuned with my Twitter.

Is the logo exclusive on LogoGround?
Yes, definitely. All logos for sale on LogoGround is a one-time purchase with absolute exclusivity. You're also advised to trademark your logo if needed, though the copyright of the logo will be transferred to you after your purchase.

Why do I need exclusivity of the logo?
Exclusivity means you own the logo, the one and only one. Nobody else can use the logo for their company given that you've purchased the logo. The logo will NOT be available for the others once it's been sold. Exclusive logos are the complete opposite of logo templates. Logo templates (for example, sold in GraphicRiver and 99Designs ready-made logo store) may be cheaper in price, but they can be sold over and over again. I bet you won't want your logo to appear in other companies' homepages, right? Exclusivity is the way to protect and shine your personality and branding.

Can I resell the logo design I purchased from you?
Yes, you can. The purchase comes with exclusive copyrights so you can do whatever you want with the logo design.