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Serial Killer Mascot Logo

This is a pre-made serial killer mascot logo specifically tailored to the eSports world. It is most suitable for different eSports teams, gaming clans, gamer communities, gaming forums, social media profiles, Twitch streaming channels and YouTube channels. The mascot logo features a masked evil wicked murderer holding a stylish blood-stained knife. The killer looks like a character from horror movies. It is exceptionally good if your team is featuring murdering, blood, violence, evilness, horror, terror, killing, knifing, and villains. The logo uses a bloody red color scheme to match the theme. The pre-made eSports mascot logo comes with free color and text customization. In case you want any color change, I can easily customize it for you.

This Serial Killer Mascot Logo is already sold to Twitter user @PulseRTs with FULL EXCLUSIVE copyright.