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Dragon King Mascot Logo

Dragon King Mascot Logo - Free eSports giveaway

The King of Dragons is here to welcome you! This dragon king mascot logo makes use of an imperial and royal golden color scheme, to emphasize its supremacy and authority. It is aggressive and cool-looking. It is suitable for many different industries, particularly eSports teams, gaming clans, Twitch streams, YouTube channels and sports teams. Of course it fits well with any company, organizations, or businesses which feature a powerful dragon as their symbol or mascot. It works particularly well on a dark background, but also fits well on a light or white background. I’m sure you know almost everyone is fascinated by a dragon – its mystery, its power and its mightiness. This evil, angry king of dragon is ready to represent your team, and will grant you authority against the others.

This dragon king mascot logo has already been given to @NicholsTyson at Twitter in a free mascot logo giveaway. Exclusive copyright has been transferred. Do NOT attempt to steal or copy the logo in any way.

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