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Black Striped Cat Cartoon Logo

Black Striped Cat Mascot Logo

If you’re looking for a cute car cartoon mascot logo, you shall definitely spend some time considering this. This cute little black striped white cat mascot is suitable for any companies, businesses or organizations related to cats or pets. For example, a pet shop, a pet care center, a cat adoption campaign, a pet playground or a pet community are all feasible. The logo uses a cartoony style, which appeals to cat lovers, as well as kids and parents. I’m sure it’ll be an eye-catching symbol for your company! Although the black stripes are fixed, the color of the cat can be changed. For example, if you’re looking for a gray cat with black stripes, I can easily customize it for you. The logo includes free text, color and layout customization upon purchase.

Available for sale at LogoGround for $100.