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Hatching Chicken Egg Cartoon Logo

Hatching Chicken Egg Free Cartoon Logo Design

Are you looking for a cute cartoon logo design that symbolizes innovation, birth, growth, creativity, youth, kids, childhood or energy? Are you looking for a hatching chicken egg logo design, or planning to feature a little chick as your company's theme? Are you just looking for an adorable image to insert into your articles or webpages? If yes, this free kawaii mascot cartoon logo design may be a good fit for you. It can be used in many different scenarios and industries, including kid-related companies, animals, pets, and many more. It is free for personal and commercial use under a credit license. Please refer to the following information of downloading, license, and crediting.

Available for download for FREE:
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Vector file (for real fans only!):
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License information:
- Free to use for any purposes, even commercially
- Non-exclusive, Non-transferable, Non-sublicensable
- Non-assignable, Non-resellable, Revocable
- Not allowed to be used for print-on-demand services
- Must give appropriate credits by the following method

Website HTML Code:
Created by <a href="http://www.mascotlogocaptain.com/">Mascot Logo Captain - Cartoon Design</a>
Credit for printed products:
Created by Mascot Logo Captain - Cartoon Design

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